Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Deals on TP and Cereal This Week

My favorite best deals were (again) at Kroger this week. Cheerios were on sale for 1.67 but I had coupons bringing them down to .87 a box. These were also added to John's grocery box.

Another real favorite at Krogers this week is Cottonelle TP on sale for .99 for a 4-pack. There are several coupon sites online for .99 coupons. You know what that means. We have many rolls of TP stacked under the bathroom sink! All FREE.

At Meijer, Crest toothpaste is also FREE if you have that 1.50 coupon in the newspaper last Sunday. It's on sale for 1.50. Coupon + sale = Free.

Well, if you have a sweet tooth, Betty Crocker frosting is also a great deal at $1 each (at Meijer). The newspaper also had a .50 coupon - doubled at Columbus, Ohio, Meijers - making the frosting another freebie! Also at Meijers, those microwave 1-minute Warm Delight Brownies are on sale for 1.25 with a .50 coupon that is doubled brings a testy delight for your lunch to only .25 each. Some more sweet things for John's box.

Not to leave out my closest grocery store, Giant Eagle. Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes are on sale for .80 and I have coupons for .25 off (doubled makes it .50 off), bringing the checkout cost down to .30 each.

Wishbone Salad Dressing is $2 at GE but using a .75 coupon brings it to $1 off making the final cost .50 each. Better yet, Meijer has it on sale for $1 making the better deal at Meijer for .25 each! Gotta watch the competition.

That's not all, but I'm not sure anyone is even reading this blog. I've had a very busy week at school starting clinicals. I'm posting that story at my other blog

Take Care on the Journey,


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