Friday, February 20, 2009

Take the Tea and Give My Penny Back

They say that those of us who are serious about couponing get real testy over every penny, and I'm somewhat ashamed to admit I'm being so penny-serious that I'll make a fuss at any cash register, fast-food window, or customer service over almost nothing! And, I'm learning when a sale is a sale and when it's a gimmic!

This morning as I drove hubby to work, we pulled through McDonalds for his breakfast. After placing his usual #12, no drink, I noticed the cost was for a MEAL with a drink.

"Are you the usual order-taker?", I asked without thinking. I mean, we've been through there at 6:55 a.m. so many times, I just expect her to recognise my voice and automatically place our usual order. (LOL)

"What?" she responded somewhat confused.

"Just add hot tea", my husband said.

"Okay. A #12 with hot tea," I replied.

"That will be $4.06."

"What? We've never paid $4.06!" I hissed to hubby.

"Never mind. Just take it," he said.

"But we have 12 boxes of tea bags at home. This is going to cost us a dollar!" I fussed as I pulled through to the window.

"It's below-zero cold, and we are not at home. Just take the hot tea," hubby said firmly but quietly.

At the window, I gave the smiling robot a glare as she handed me an ICE COLD DRINK.

"What is THIS?" I asked, still upset over it costing a dollar when I could have made a potful of hot tea at home before we left.

"Just take the tea", my hubby said sweetly but evenly.

Serves me right. We got orange DRINK (not even orange juice) in a cup full of ice. Hubby didn't get any hot tea, and we paid almost a buck-fifty more than we should have.

Later, I stopped at Kroger to use my store coupons that I had picked out. It's easier for me to watch what's going on if I don't buy other items when I'm using lots of coupons. So, everything I bought this morning was FREE after the coupons except for a container of biscuits for .49.

At checkout, the total was almost $25 until she started running the coupons, but when she said the final bill was $2.43, I questioned why I had to pay that much when everything I got was free with the coupons except for the biscuits. Only $2.43 sounds silly to quibble over, but I didn't want to pay $2.43 for 49-cents worth of biscuits! After reviewing the ticket, the cashier admitted she missed a $1.49 coupon. We laughed and I thanked her for taking time to get it right.

I was very happy with my two big bags of 'free' groceries and, I got my "pennies' back!

By the way, I may be stingy with the penny, but does anybody need paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, Kelloggs cereal, hot tea, cheese, fruit juice, and MORE?

Come and get it! Our home overfloweth with it!

As I was writing this, I heard loud laughter coming from the kitchen. Those of you who know my hubby will recall that he doesn't give a good belly laugh very often. He came into the computer room and said, "Never in my life have I been able to afford more than one box of tea for myself. I just turned and looked on the shelf and counted 14 boxes of tea."

I couldn't help myself. I had coupons for $1.00 off of his favorite Celeste tea (usually almost $4 a box) and they were on sale for $1.59. My final cost was 59-cents! I got one of every flavor!

Jim says if he could give me an award for making our grocery money go so far, he would give it to me. He is just amazed at what I've done with coupons and how full our cupboards are in these bad financial times.

Did I say we had hot tea? Stop by and warm yourself anytime.

Take Care on the Journey,

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