Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Share Your Coupons

I've been very busy with a new quarter at nursing school and different classmates due to a reassignment for clinical assignments. (More will be posted about that on my Linda's Notebook blog.

Due to my change in schedule and having to adjust to many things, I've missed some good deals this week, but still have some GREAT ones to report!

At Meijers and Giant Eagle they have juices on sale this week. I've been saving my Juicy Juice coupons ($1 off) (I actually ordered these online for .07 each). I can get 64 oz. of fruit juice for $1.50 instead of about $3 each.

Frozen Orange juice is also on sale for .99 each which is really a great deal around here! I would have gotten more, but my freezer is FULL of frozen vegetables and other 'almost free' products! We're thinking of buying a small freezer to put in the garage so when food is on sale and combined with coupons making it up to 90 percent off, we can stock up.

This afternoon on the way home from school, I stopped by CVS to use coupons and get Extra Buck dollars, but they didn't have those sale items I wanted. (Good deals go quickly!). So, I stopped by Walgreens as it's right on the way home and found an unexpected gift! Hair coloring (I won't say if was for me or hubby) was on "last chance" price to less than $5. I had a coupon for $5 off two, but the cashier (very sweet, helpful, and friendly) ran both items with my two $5 coupons, so I got $10 off items that I was actually paying $8 for. (Simply put, I 'made' $2 on the sale.) She gave me some free store samples too. (It works both ways. I gave her some extra coupons the other day for customers who might not have any coupons.)

Back at CVS, on Sunday I went after Scott paper towels thet were on sale AND I also had manufactures coupons to add to the sale price. Too bad, they didn't have Scott paper towels even though the sale was only a few hours old. But, the cashier informed the manager that he 'better do something because they are on sale in the flyer". The manager knows me by now (because he always has to come up front and override the computer when it won't accept a coupon), so he offered me ANY brand of paper towels for .50 each because that's the price my Scott towels would have been. I don't think he realizes that some paper towels are BIGGER and cost MORE. I'm not greedy. I took three rolls of his VERY EXPENSIVE paper towels and said many thank-yous! On top of that, he gave me a rain check for more paper towels at .50-each even though the add says, 'no rain checks".

The coupons in the newspaper last week included a coupon for a FREE can of Purina One dog food that usually costs 1.49 each. (We never pay that price!). Thankfully, I got extra coupons from the mailbox area of our apartments, and Buffy gave me some, so I'm going out soon and collect all my FREE cans of dog food.
(By the way, Billy and Colleen, there's always good cat food coupons too. I can end up getting it FREE most of the time.)

Last week we needed something that CVS sells but I didn't have a coupon for it. Instead, I bought two tubes of Colgate Total toothpaste for 2.99 and got 2.99 in Extra Bucks to spend in the store. (Yes, the toothpaste was FREE in the end.) Actually what happened was, as the (same) manager was trying to override the computer (because the computer was not spitting out the $2 bucks), he gave me $2 off for EACH tube of toothpaste making it DOUBLE the extra bucks I expected. I made the purchase we originally wanted and added two containers for laundry soap for with the Extra Bucks.

If you got confused on that last paragraph, I spent $5.98 of my own money and got a total of $22.98 from the store.

Happy Shopping!

Thanks for the coupons Sandy. You know I'll use them!

Take Care on the Journey,

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