Friday, February 13, 2009

Free Gas and Cheap Wet Wipes

At Giant Eagle we get credit for gas with groceries and new prescriptions. This week hubby got new med prescriptions for his back pain (sorry Chiropractor Prenger) which, when presented to Giant Eagle with our grocery store card and special coupons wqual $1 off for each prescription that gave us $2 a gallon off on gasoline (up to 30 gallons). Gasoline is 1.95 right now, so I sent a SOS call to son John.

(Funny thing. Hubby probably won't take any of the pills, but the prescriptions equal free gas!!!)

In exchange for lifting the 7-gallon containers of gas and filling our other vehicle, he gets to fill up his car too. Between filling up my car and the gas containers, we got our 30-gallons of FREE gas.

As some of you know, John lost his job a few weeks ago. I've been using my coupons to stock up on the best deals each week to help them out. Today they enjoyed several bags of food including at least four boxes of Cheerios! Dry cereal is a big item the last couple weeks. All the grocery stores seem to be in competition to offer the best deal on cereal!

I've been watching for an opportunity to use my Wet Ones (wipes for cleaning). This week Giant Eagle offered Buy One/Get One Free (BOG1). Although the shelf lists the Wet Ones for $2.38 (I think) each, if you buy four and use four .75 coupons (and they are doubled up to $1 at Giant Eagle), it comes out to .44 for each one. (Jim says that grocery coupon math is almost as bad as his numbers at work.)

Anyway, my total at GE came to about $3.25 for everything I bought including breakfast items, butter, the four containers of Wet Wipes, and juice. The cashier said, "wow!" and praised my excellent shopping skills.

Back at Meijers, I was trying to decide how many containers of Betty Crocker frosting to get because I had four coupons for four FREE containers. My thought was that neither John or me needed all that frosting but it was hard to pass up something that cost me nothing. Just then a woman came up with a little child who was begging for everything. (ha ha. My kids are grown!) I asked her if she had coupons for the frosting and she said no, so I gave her two of mine and felt a whole lot better. She gushed thank-yous for the coupons all the way down the isle.

Happy Coupon Shopping!

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