Friday, February 27, 2009

Free Dog Food and a Dog Fight Over TinFoil

Because we love and feed a family dog, I'm always on the lookout for good deals (and free meals!) for Sheba too.

A couple weeks ago, the coupon booklet that comes with the Sunday newspaper had a coupon for a free can of dog food. (I posted about that already.)

We delighted over being able to use several of those coupons last week for free cans of dog food. Then, as I was browsing a place where you can order coupons online (the cost is only for P/H because the law says people can't "sell" coupons), I discovered Dede had those coupons for a free can of Purine One dog food for .35 each.. I ordered 15 coupons, and today I exchanged them at Kroger for 'free' cans of dog food. (Yes, they actually cost me .35 each.) I remember when we used to wait for less quality (Purina) dog food to be ON SALE for from .69 to .62 at our grocery store and think it was a good deal! Fifty-cents a can was a STEAL, and we stocked up!!!! LOL

Besides the great deal on canned dog food, I have a coupon for $4 off one bag of Purina dry food. I notice the price for a 5 lb bag is a little over $5. I could have gotten it for only $1, but decided to wait until it's ON SALE for 3.99. Then it will be free. I need to make sure I use the coupon before March 31 when it expires.

While I was ordering extra coupons from Dede, I got some extra coupons for things we use all the time such as Campbells soup and my favorite Quaker Oatmeal granola bars ( to save me time and trouble - ha ha). The soup coupons were for .40/2 (40 cents off of 2 cans) of Campbells soup. I read where Wal-Mart had soup on sale for .60 a can, but when I got there, our store didn't have it on sale. (GRRRR). But, at Kroger, some kinds were on sale for .64 a can, so I used them there (doubled) (That made each can cost .49 each which is a super great deal for Campbells soup and LESS than the store brand.) (Wal-Mart doesn't double anyway!)

From one of my coupons blogs, I learned that the Oatmeal sale at Kroger this week says it's for the BOX of oatmeal, but it WORKS for the box of individual packets of instant Oatmeal that Jim loves for breakfast. I tried it for one box because it costs almost $4 a box normally, but with the coupon it would be only .77 (cents) a box, and I didn't believe that could be true. Well, it was! Now I'll go back and use a few more of those coupons. That's even better than when Walgreens has it on sale, (but probably not as good as someone who's been using coupons a long time).

The Kraft cheese coupons are still doubled at Kroger, and Kroger has the best sale of all three grocery stores in our area. I gave John our last cheese, so I was able to get some more for .50 a package.

Milk had a Managers Special sticker for .89 a half-gallon, and that was a very good (unexpected) deal too.

I've been on a 'tin-foil' mission at Walgreens where I should have been able to get it free this week, but was forced to pay regular price for one in order to get two at no cost! It was one of those 'fighting events' where I didn't push it with the cashier, but I called the manager of the store when I got home.

I explained the situation of the store not accepting my coupon off because it created an override on the computer, and the clerk wouldn't/couldn't accept the coupon. HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT A RED PLUM COUPON WAS!!!!!!! (You may not know, but he should because he's manager of a retail business that accepts LOTS of coupons.) I told him it was a 'coupon that was inserted into most every Sunday paper in the United States" and it was for $1 off on a roll of tin foil, and his store had it on sale for .89 and I wanted to know why they wouldn't take my coupon(s).

He said he would find out what to do for an 'overage' situation and call me back THE NEXT DAY. (I can't believe this hasn't happened before at that store.)

Surprise, surprise! I did get a call the next day. He said the store would enter the coupon for .89 (instead of $1), and that he would make sure all the cashiers got that information.

(Jim ahd a good laugh over that story.) I'm going back there in a few minutes and find out if the promised "inservice' was done. A smarter action on my part would have been to purchase several products where I actually had to pay the store for something. ha ha

So, the lesson(s) learned here are to always know the regular prices of things you use, and to know when it's really on sale. (Sometimes the sale price is higher than the regular price. No kidding!) Understand the coupon policy where you shop. Use your cents-off coupons and stock up when it's at the best sale price. (If you don't want to check out with a load of the same thing, come back several times while it's still on sale.)

I'm doing that with toilet paper. I know most stores don't double coupons, but because our stores do, I've ordered coupons for Cottonelle toilet paper from e-Bay that, when used at Kroger, will make the 4-pack rolls of TP at no extra cost to me. The coupons cost me .12 each, but the (4-pack) TP is free at the store!

So, this morning my groceries cost me $21 and the register receipt says I saved $36.00!!

Happy Shopping to you - and may you always get Good Deals and Free Meals!

Take Care on the Journey,



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Heather said...

Great new blog Linda! Man, you're a blogging machine, and excellent at it too! I love shopping with coupons! It feels so good to save money. We love shopping organic when possible but it is definatelly harder to find those coupons. I have found some on the manufactur website but let me know if you ever find a good site for organics.