Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kroger Triples and Tickles!

Yep, tonight I saved $77 and spent $4 at one store. That tickles me pink and makes hubby very happy! He is so proud of my 'second job'. He calls it that because it saves us so much money every week! He says I've become a professional at it, but it's not that much of a mystery or that much trouble once you get into it.

I've had so much fun tonight taking in some great deals at Kroger during the weekend of triple coupons (up to 50 cents). The best deal, of course, was all the absolutely free Pillsbury Grands and related breads. Hubby looked into the refrigerator and commented, "Well, I do like biscuits with my meals." I don't consider Grands true biscuits, but I guess they are. Anyway, I used all my stash of Pillsbury coupons and now have a supply for Pantry 309 too!

Another swell deal at Kroger was Suave shampoo and body wash. Using my 50 cent coupons that tripled to $1.50, I got bottles of shampoo and body wash for about 12 each!

Crest toothpaste is $4/2 at Kroger, but with the 50 cent coupon, the final price was 50 cents. Even though it cost me 50 cents, some of them also included a free 'travel size' tube of toothpaste. I could have bought a lot more because I have a big stash of Crest coupons, but at 50 cents, even that has a limit of spending. Too bad no one is requesting my extra coupons...Too bad they expire August 31.

Mustard would have been free, but I forgot to get it tonight. I still have Sunday, though. So are the Bic pens that I forgot to get.

Reese's candy bars are free along with another free one with a BOGO free coupon that you guys will see in Sunday's Red Plum or Smart Source insert. My husband and big John especially love those. I politely got only 10 of the Reese Dark Chocolate Candy Bars (new), but promised the boys more on another day!

The very BEST deal was at Giant Eagle where I found Chef Michael (spelling) dog food (by Purina) on sale. There's a coupon for $3 off a bag in the Sunday paper (8/23), and it's on sale for 2/$7 making it only 50 cents a bag! Sheba loves it! I got several bags, but not wanting to look greedy in front of all my favorite cashiers, I went back a second time for three more bags.

Another great deal (if you're into it) at Giant Eagle are the Chinet plates and cups. Using coupons I saved for a sale from earlier, I paid only 50 cents for each set of plates and cups. Instead of paper plates, I got the clear plastic called 'crystal' plates and cups. I'm into that even though I'd never pay full price or even half price for them! (Sandy, let me know if you use these.)

For Edge shaving cream, I have to drive to another Giant Eagle but with the coupons, it's free too. We don't need so much, but hubby says if it's free, he will find a good hiding spot for it.

At both stores, the cashiers commented on what good deals I got. (Sometimes they sneer and make snide comments, ((mostly at other stores)), so a nice, positive comment is very much appreciated.) One cashier at Giant Eagle said, "I want my wife to talk to you about how to use coupons!" Another cashier was shocked, but excited with me when I saved $77 and spent only $4. (I gave her some dog food coupons too. She has several big dogs.)

One thing I've noticed is that the grocery stores never check for expiration dates. At least not the two main ones that I go to. While I'm always very careful about using coupons that are not expired, I decided to try some paper towel coupons that expired this week because the paper towels are free with those coupons. So far, it's worked with five rolls. I have 12 more to go. Wonder if I'll get them all?

My wish is that more of my friends and family would learn this art of saving money on all of your favorite grocery and personal items. It really does not take that much time once you get yourself organized - especially if you only buy what you and your family use. Once you get a little stockpile of the specific items you use, then catch these items on sale and pick up two or three extra, that all it takes!

At the end of each month, I toss out a big grocery bag of expired coupons, and that doesn't count the hundreds that I don't cut out. I'm learning to cut only the basic things I like. I file the inserts in a big manila envelope by name and date and use the coupon blogs to discover other specials that I need additional coupons for. Most 'couponers' have their own special way of cutting and organizing coupons. Whatever works for you.

Of course as hubby says, if everybody used coupons, the shelves would be empty!
It has to be something YOU want to do. I'm sure it's not for everyone, and that okay too.
I still love ya!

Take Care on the Journey,


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