Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Waiting on Good Deals and Free Meals

I agree with my friend, Buffy, that the grocery stores better start putting on better sales! Our pantries are running low. We do hope they aren't starting to catch on to the booming coupon business!

Don't forget, you can click HERE to view the currents sales at MOST grocery stores locally and nationwide. Or http://www.becentsable.net/Default.aspx?pageId=331691

But, thanks to Buffy, we have something from Giant Eagle to report. I'm posting her e-mail message to me.

All I have to say is...if you are shopping at Giant Eagle without coupons- you might as well throw your money right out the door. Even their sale prices SUCK! I only find occasional deals worth making the trip for (like last week's Breyers ice cream for $1!!). Ok, now that I've gotten that off my chest...here are the few things I found for the coming week:

Nov. 5-11th. 1. Fruity Pebbles/Cocoa Pebbles/Alpha Bits- if you buy 3 they are 3 for $4- but you must buy 3 to get the deal. A decent price if you like these varieties, but no coupons to go with em.

2. If you like Land-O-lakes butter $2- $.50/1 (11/1 SS)= $1/each. I've gotten the same butter for free during Meijer sales, but if you like it/need it etc. (also if you purchase $10 in select products with these included- they will give you $2/off next shopping trip coupon).

3. If you like Entenmann's products- they are B1G1 Free, a good deal...no coupons.

4. Poptarts 12 ct. box $2.50- $.55/1 (9/13 RP)= $1.40/box. Not great- not bad.

5. Clorox disinfectant wipes $2.50- $.50/1 (10/4 RP)= $1.50/each. Also, buy 4 of these and get a coupon at checkout for $3 off your next shopping trip. So, basically it would be 4 containers for $3 if you purchase 4 and use 4 coupons. Good deal.

6. Hefty trash bags $3- $.55/1 (8/30 RP)= $1.90/each good deal

7. Glade 4oz candles $2.50/each- $1.50/2 (11/1 SS)= $1.75/each

8. Coffee Mate creamer $1.50- $.50/1 (11/1 RP)= $.50/each

9. Yoplait trix yogurt $2- $.75/2 (10/4 SS)= $1.25/each OR various printables (www.coupons.com or www.bettycrocker.com for $.40/1 to make them $1.20/each.

10. Yoplait Yoplus yogurt $2- $1/1 (10/4 SS) or same links as above= $1/each

11. Green Giant frozen boxed veggies $1- $.50/1 (various coupons marked for steamers or bagged varieties, but should work fine on these)= FREE check the following inserts for coupons: 10/4 SS; 9/13 GM; or www.bettycrocker.com or www.coupons.com

12. red seedless grapes $.87/lb is good price.

That's all that I saw...seriously, someone better run some good 10 for $10 (11th item free) deals here soon!! My 6 month pantry supply is gonna dwindle to a mere 3 or 4 months soon! ha ha ha! :-) Buffy

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