Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fat Coupon Inserts for 11/15/09

I have a few of this week-end's inserts already, and it looks like a lot of good coupons for Sunday, November 15. The Smart Source and Red Plum are the biggest I've ever seen. Must have something to do with Thanksgiving and maybe even hints of Christmas.

For the best deals in your neck of the woods, click
HERE and find your favorite store with matching coupon sales.

I'm finishing a great big 'term paper' on the United States' Healthcare Plan. As if we even know what the healthcare plan is, much less what it will be when they finish the war in Washington. At least my entire class is in this together, and our instructor will be cross-eyed from reading the same papers 37 times!

Shop until you drop in almost upon us,


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