Friday, September 16, 2011

Linda's Coupon Notebook - Two Ways To Shop With Coupons

I've been wanting to share my "Notebook" for some time. Here are some photos of my coupon notebook.  I purchased this regular binder at a back to school sales. (Otherwise this one is rather expensive.) I'm sure one could find this at a Thrift store or the like if you keep on the lookout for it.

The coupon pages are baseball card holders that I've only been able to find at Target (near the check out lanes).  Again, look for stores that sell these at a good price or it may cost more than it's worth.

I get Smart Source and Red Plum booklets every week from the Sunday paper.  And yes, I've gone dumpster hunting for discards although there are much better ways to get extra free Sunday coupons if you use your imagination. Nursing homes toss the inserts. Gas stations toss their papers at midnight. Even your Sunday carrier has extras if you want to get up early and discuss a win-win proposal.

Lindas Coupon Notebook
Of the two ways to shop with coupons, this is my way...
Each week I cut out the coupons from Red Plum and Smart Source Sunday and store them in my notebook according ot the labels I've glued to the pages.
(See next pictures for my labels)
I keep this notebook in the car and if I find unexpected, unadvertised, sales, I'm prepared.
Others couponers don't cut out the coupons until they go shopping, and then they take coupons for what is advertised.  It's less time consuming.

I've added a 'pencil holder' to the front for odds and ends.
I printed up some business cards with my website on it for women who ask me about couponing as I'm shopping.
(I never had a man ask me about couponing. I'll have to ask my sociology class about that.  lol)

Take a few minutes each week to discard the expired.
I've sent mine to military bases as they can use expired coupons.
Google for military addresses for expired coupons.

I always take this with me because some of my best deals have been UNADVERTISED sales.
Combined with coupons, I often get items for FREE.

I also plan ahead for the sales of the week and make a list of good deals.
But, I often find sales I didn't expect, and with my COUPON NOTEBOOK

May you always enjoy couponing
Your friend in life,

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