Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PS On My Small Steps Marcel Posting

In my last entry I mentioned that the Small Steps coupon was good for an 8-pack.  I was wrong. The $1 coupon is GOOD for a 4-pack of TP that normally sells for $1.25 or $1 on sale - making it FREE. 

With three coupons, I went to Albertson's yesterday and had absolutely no problem getting two packages (4-rolls each) of toilet paper and one box of 'Kleenex'. Because they weren't on sale, I paid 33-cents each.  I can't wait for my 20 coupons to come in the mail.  I'll slip in and out of Albertson's until I have a good stash once again.

I believe you can do that with paper towels too.

Happy Couponing,

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