Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Email Me For Extra Coupons

Here in Denver I'm running into more people using coupons each week. I give some of them my blogger address, then wonder if it's helpful to them.

So, the story is...If there are certain coupons that you want, please email me and I'll mail them to you if I have them.  bestmomlinda@yahoo.com is checked every day.

At work, I saw someone cutting out pamper coupons, and today I felt badly putting my extras in the "file' drawer. I sure don't need them.

The Sunday paper of February 27 has an excellent P&G insert that, if combined with Walgreens sales, can have some pretty awesome deals this week.

I've been watching for the Lindsay Black Olives at Walgreens for .99 cents a can. (Limit 3, but most stores don't care.) Today I got six cans with no problem - and I didn't pay anything for them after the store cash rewards coupons I got for the Gillette razors.

Normally the razors cost $9.99 which I would NEVER pay, but the store is offering $4 back, and I had the $4 coupon. I bought two, but discovered that there is a limit of 1 on this one, so you have to run each one in a single purchase (or you will only get one $4 store rewards coupon back). Then, I did a third purchase for the olives using the two $4 coupons.

I know it sounds complicated, and I don't do this too often for that very reason. It's easier to run over to King Sooper (Kroger) and get double coupons without any fuss!!!!

But, I do this at Walgreens every couple months when the black olives are on sale.

Don't forget to email me if you want selected coupons.  If you are from work, I can bring them in, but I'm only there on the weekend. It's much more simple to mail them, and I don't mind the postage for a friend. :))

PS:  Enjoy my geocaching blog at http://geocachingindenver.blogspot.com

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